The course of the world is transfiguring into a well connected ecosystem of machines that amazingly interacts with users like never before. This dream is materializing fast and is named - “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”. This uprising surprise is already transforming every job around the world, sooner or Later. ANTT Robotics is a creative company born to lead this paradigm shift in the sectors of Industry Automation & Education.
Industry Automation is our primary field of work. Clearly in this era, industries adopting IoT and smart automation will sustain on this revolution at full throttle. ANTT Robotics is a great place to start as we provide both consultancy and hardware support. Our researches are field ready, solutions are deployable that any industry can afford. The only factor that can boost our client’s industry productivity is the decision to reach us out.
Our field of work encompasses the Education Sector greatly.ANTT Robotics loves the wonder generation of youngs and encourages them with phenomenal arrangements of awesome courses, tutorials & STEM kits. Exciting courses are designed with love and expertise to guide in an adventurous journey throughout the course. The company aims at unleashing prodigious talent to create the creative frontliners in an era of ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. Amazing development boards are designed with love and expertise to guide the students in an adventurous journey unto IOT & Robotics excellency
Considering our team, ANTT Robotics is a wonderful ecosystem of creative experts and developers to materialise any idea and bring it to life. We assembled a whole team of geniuses. We expand and hire whenever necessary. And due to great leadership, our workflows are very special.