About Us

    ANTT Robotics, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, started its journey back in early 2019. With the support of our 8,000-strong member in the STEAM community, we developed our patent-pending system. ANTT ROBOTICS LTD aims to show next generation kids the brighter side of technology through useful contents and make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) more interesting for young learners. It is a superior and award-winning portfolio company of iDEA project, ICT Division of Bangladesh, providing innovative solutions to the newer generation to be adept for the 4th Industrial Revolution in today’s world. Our approach is a gamified process with interactive learning using Robotics, AI, IoT and embedded systems to bring Easy & Gamified STEM Education for all through our scalable experiential kits & online learning services. We are trying to build an ecosystem of learning STEM using gamified technology by providing quality content, tools, training and education to students and teachers at a reasonable price and extending our operations in diverse areas.

    As the world has become digital, the popularity of Virtual learning methods is increasing day by day. Nowadays, it is getting more difficult to engage the newer generation in activities that do not include gadgets. Nevertheless, one thing that parents and teachers often forget is that children need to know how these work to survive in the future that is to come. Hence, we use a well structured method in facilitating our courses in STEM, Robotics, Coding and much more. We make sure of excellent hands-on learning opportunities to help students extend their learning experiences and build confidence. ANTT ROBOTICS LTD is devoted to open a new window of a smarter future for the young learners, where technology and automation is taking over.

    ANTT ROBOTICS LTD believes that engaging with tech has countless personal benefits for kids such as the opportunity to problem-solve, work in teams, explore the underpinnings of the modern world, enrich skill sets, and bring ideas to life. Our primary mission is to enlighten students practically, about science, technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) using tools that require robotics and programming which will equip them with the required skills to interact, communicate and lead the field of technology. The concept is to train the younger generation using the element of personalization and gamification and make a difference in the vast world of technology rather than keeping modern technologies away.

    The brilliant and easy-going mentors are constantly available to guide the students to analyze and assemble basic Robotics through projects that show basic programming concepts and techniques in practice and help the students get over their fear of STEM, but instead, embrace it fully!