Community Partner

    ANTT ROBOTICS LTD is working hand in hand with STEM CLUB Bangladesh to provide an opportunity for the kids to get inspired by the amazing world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—disciplines collectively known as STEM. Undoubtedly, the possibilities and opportunities of STEM are endless in this new era of IR4.0. To build an educated society where our future young leaders have the ability to understand and solve complex challenges of today and tomorrow, and to meet the demands of the dynamic and evolving technology-focused world, fluency in STEM fields is essential.

    STEM CLUB Bangladesh is an amazing community platform for dreamers, enthusiasts, students, and educators to flourish and nurture their curious interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is focusing on education equality and equity where no students would fall back due to geolocation setbacks and school facilities lackings in quest of preparing for the fourth industrial revolution and upcoming challenges and changes. Therefore, it is determined to facilitate the community with quality content, LMS, STEM Courses, Workshops, and access to STEM tools to gather passion and interest in a child’s behavior from a very early age. The mission is to heighten the awareness of STEM and STEM related careers through interactive and practical hands-on approaches.

    ANTT ROBOTICS LTD & STEM CLUB Bangladesh are working collaboratively as a team with a fixed constitution of guidelines including Hands-on Learning experience, Problem Solving Hacks and Team Collaboration to raise the hunger for knowing & learning among the children not just for exams but for their own interest.

    Furthermore, this concept allows children to think outside the box and helps to build their analytical, mathematical and logical reasoning skills effectively with visualization and practical implementation. With an authentic range of tools and products, exclusive STEM learning content, and experienced mentors, ANTT ROBOTICS LTD along with STEM CLUB Bangladesh, facilitate students, schools and educators to engage and make STEM fields attractive and accessible among the young learners.