What you’ll learn

Build Scratch programs on their own

Using blocks for programming

Adding different icon for gamified view of program

Program sprites to perform actions with code

Use repeat and if blocks

Play sounds

And many more

Short Details

You will improve your problem-solving skills, increase your creativity, become better at communicating ideas, and most importantly, you will learn to code. MIT develops the Scratch programming software, and it is free to use. This course is suitable for kids, teens, and adults who want to start programming but have no prior experience or knowledge. It is also ideal for teachers who want to teach programming to others. Programming skills are becoming of great value in today's world, where technology and automation are taking over. People who learn to program will have far better chances at landing a well-paid job than others. This course uses a practical approach to learn programming with Scratch. You will learn the basics of Scratch while creating exciting and fun projects. We will guide you through projects that show basic programming concepts and techniques in practice. Working on such projects develops creativity and algorithmic thinking.

Course Fee:

3000 BDT

Duration: 3 Months, 1.5 hour/Lecture

Number of Lectures: 24

Certificate: YES