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The Edublock Experience will Help Your Loving Child Conquer The Job Sectors.

STEM(mathematics) based learning is regulating the world it significantly will help the next generation lead the future world

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Edublock helps nourish problem solving intellect through creative challenges ranging from easy to complex. And The Challenges Are Enjoyable and Intuitive.


The Edublock Ecosystem is wonderfully perfect for unleashing skills necessary for the field of robotics and IoT. It introduces robotics.


Edublock provides the knowledge necessary for building your own customised robots right away. The experience helps greatly in Industry.

Milestone and Gamified Learning

The learning process is enjoyably gamified with milestones. There will be an interactive environment which prompts to complete the set of challenges to reach the next milestone. So learning will be amazing and would imprint the robotics realm and it’s basics on heart. It’s simply - Play Hard and Learn Easy.


Advanced level programming of C , Python, IoT

ANTT Robotics has prepared phenomenal arrangements of awesome courses and tutorials for onboarding on the Programming Realm and IoT Realm. With a proficiency in C , Python & IoT you will be career ready to embark on the wonderful journey of the fourth industrial revolution. Get ready to grow dependable expertise.

Control Your Robot

With Edublocks, the basics are super simple with plenty of tutorials. The first step toward robotics would be to control the robot from the app. And it comes with a small enjoyable challenge. You have to figure out how to program the controlling scheme. And as always there’ll be tutorials to assist.


We’ve Designed The App Creatively to Provide A Learning Thrill Through Amazing Tutorials and Games

We Love To Make It Wonderful To Experience. We’ve enriched our app with phenomenal arrangements of awesome courses, tutorials & STEM kit Integrations. Exciting courses are designed with games and challenges to keep you engaged.