What is IOT Snacks Box?

IOT Snacks box was born to solve some of the biggest challenges in Bangladesh through one of the most impactful emerging technologies: the Internet of Things.

Our Service

IoT snacks box is an integrated hardware and software platform to deliver end-to-end IoT solutions. This device can remotely monitor, control and automate processes for Agriculture, Industry automation, Energy control, Healthcare, Data logging and any other system that can be used with IoT.

Made in Bangladesh

This entire platform is made in Bangladesh which will be able to contribute to the fourth industrial revolution through this IoT skill.


Anyone can use this IoT Snacks Board to use in the field of robotics, IoT and embedded systems.

WI-FI & Bluetooth

IoT Snacks Board is providing facilities to simultaneously connect Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and data store.


Product Features

This development board provides a range of features that allow developers to build advanced applications for smart home, gardening, industry and agricultural sector

Dual Core Processor

Online & Offline Connectivity

Mesh Connectivity

Customizable I/O Pin

8-Channel Relay


Micro SD Card

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A IoT Snacks Box agency is focused on growing your business

Smart Home, Robotics, Embedded Filed, Industrial Automation, Agriculture Field, and Aquaponics Field

Visual presentation of performance measure

Measure efficiencies/inefficiencies

Align strategies and organizational goals

Saves time compared to running multiple reports

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The Internet of Things is made up of connected devices – from simple sensors to smartphones and wearables. By combining these connected devices with automated systems, it is possible to gather information, interact for a more efficient process and obtain analytics that were not possible before.