LMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

LMS is a student centric, online classroom-based platform that is designed specifically for tracking, documenting, reporting, automating, and delivering educational courses and content to break down barriers such as distance and connectivity. We enable Schools/Educators to reach out to students more efficiently and effectively through chat groups, video meetings, voting and also document sharing. To simplify learning and teaching experience, here we offer more control, more insight, and more fun!

LMS allows Instructors and Educational Institutes to easily create courses and add course material for the students. From creating and managing courses to adding users and tracking user progress, making announcements and staying in touch with the users makes our LMS an excellent training platform. Students can enroll courses quickly and pull reports easily without facing any complexity or spending so much time. We bring new ways and multiple communication options and a variety of access points such as class pages, home rooms, result or parental pages for students/ teachers/ parents to be more informed about school activity and student’s progress, and be more present in the whole learning experience.

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Typical users include students, schools, teachers, administrators, other educational institutes, and even parents.

You can access the LMS anytime from anywhere such as your home.

You can share your learning material with the users. LMS lets you upload and share a broad range of file types to enrich your course content. Learners can download the shared files, if it’s enabled.

We have designed the LMS to comprise multiple layers of security to ensure that your documents and activities are not accessible to anyone else.

Teachers don't have to maintain the old-fashioned timetable book anymore. Rather they can check their timetable or reschedule it if required. They can also make quizzes available to all the students before or after the due date by setting availability dates. Students can just sign in and check their timetable on the go! Besides, they can easily check all the upcoming events/announcements from the school much in advance with a single, consolidated ‘Calendar’ feature showing all school events.

Of course. There's a variety of contents and time saving tools well designed with a comprehensive grading system. The contents contain personalized learning paths, lessons, assignments, time limitation, course tracking, and sharing functionality and many more! To make the journey easier, the contents are created and organized effectively so that students can identify their learning needs and select accordingly.

Teachers/ Schools/ Parents can keep an eye on each student and communicate with them real-time. Progress tracking is much simpler and easier here! We provide not only a modern replica of traditional classes but also a more dynamic and comprehensive classroom environment integrated with multiple communication options and a variety of access points! Teachers/ Schools/ Parents can keep an eye on each student and communicate with them real-time.

Yes, a certificate will be provided to all the students who attend the courses. By getting certificates for completed tasks/quizzes learners become even more deeply involved in courses and strive harder.

Progress tracking is not just for teachers anymore! The Parent Portal gives the parents an opportunity to monitor their child's learning progress. You can track your child's results, tasks assigned by teachers as well as LMS activities. Parents can log-in to their account and see announcements, class updates, activities and resources for every class, and assessments that are coming up for all their children. They can access information about their child's progress through the course, learning outcomes for every subject, the assignments due, etc and talk to teachers online and most importantly, on time. This will make it easier for the parents to help kids with study, or leave a note for the teacher (maybe a suggestion or a question).

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