Edubot V2

Edubot is a wonderful robotics kit and we’ve made it open source with love. It has the freedom of modular customization and is easily changeable using creative desire. It is superbly intuitive and easy to set it up in a few plug-n-play steps. This is an amazing must have toolbox for DIY projects. Whether it is using sensors, displays or controlling motors, Edubot is a powerful yet easy experience to control from a phone using bluetooth. It has an amazing app which is completely free. When joined together, the app and Edubot perform outstandingly to deliver an amazing DIY STEM experience. With intuitive drag and drop block-programming, Edubot can be controlled using logic without any programming knowledge. And so the creative possibilities are endless and hasslefree.

  • Processor : ATMEGA 328P
  • Processor Connection: Mounted
  • I/O Port Type : USB Type A
  • Ir Sensor : Yes
  • Temparature : Yes
  • Gas : Yes
  • Buzze : Yes
  • Display : LCD 16*2
  • Battery : 3.7V*2 5A Rechargeable
  • Charger Type : Micro USB Type B
  • Power Management : Yes
  • IDE : Edublock App/ Arduino
  • Add-Ons Sensors : Yes
  • Open Source : Yes
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