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  • Personalized learning paths, Tasks and Lessons to make the journey easier for both schools and students.
  • Enroll courses quickly and pull reports easily without facing any complexity or spending so much time.
  • Gamified Course Materials & Functions make learning more fun and exciting.
  • Effective Exams, Multiple-choice questions, Quizzes, Videos, Presentations, and Questionnaires, etc.
  • Learners get Certificates for completed tasks/quizzes to become even more deeply involved in courses and strive harder.
  • Easy communication through chat groups, video meetings, Questionnaires, Presentations, voting and document sharing, especially during this pandemic.
  • Host formative and summative Tasks, Exams, Assignments, Personalised lessons and Quizzes for knowledge Retention.
  • Well-structured guidance to make learning fun for students.
  • Easy Monitoring, Controlling and Proper distribution of the course contents.
  • Positive parent-teacher interactions to understand earlier stages of problems that might inhibit student learning.
  • Provide assessments, task requirements, criteria and information easily in multiple formats including images, audio, documents or videos.
  • Identify students who need extra support and Highlight students who are doing great in tasks.
  • Immediate feedback delivery.
  • Multiple communication options and a variety of access points such as class pages, home rooms, result or parental pages.
  • Tracking and storing learner and tutor data seamlessly.
  • Makes learning more fun, enjoyable and exciting for both students & teachers.
  • Recording progress, performance and feedback so that students can easily access and action in later tasks.
  • Providing certificates to students for completed tasks/quizzes to involve even more deeply.
  • Breaking down barriers such as distance, connectivity etc and reducing costs.
  • Yearly Charge

Here we have the privilege of showing learners how to meet their goals. We provide them the tools and techniques, online resources and environment they require.

Here we have the privilege of showing learners how to meet their goals. We provide them the tools and techniques, online resources and environment they require.

Top Features You Might Like!

Graphical Profile Page & Dashboard

Gamified Courses & Quizzes

Monitoring Progress & Reports

Parents - Teacher Interactions

National Curriculum Friendly Courses


Learners can participate in self-paced and national curriculum friendly courses anytime and anywhere! The contents are created and organized effectively so that students can identify their learning needs and select accordingly. There's a phenomenal arrangement of awesome contents and time saving tools well designed for them with a comprehensive grading system. The contents contain multiple assessments, time limitation, course tracking, and sharing functionality and many more!


Feels Like Real Class Room


Video conferencing features are really beneficial for the Students who need one-on-one attention or have complicated questions. We provide not only a modern replica of traditional classes but also a more dynamic and comprehensive classroom environment integrated with multiple communication options and a variety of access points! Teachers can keep an eye on each student and communicate face-to-face with them real-time.

Smart & Flexible Scheduling


Teachers don't have to maintain the old-fashioned timetable book anymore. Rather instructors can offer their learners multiple dates and times for their classes/ sessions. This flexibility benefits learners by ensuring they have access to important classes when they are available. Students can just sign in and check their timetable on the go! Students can easily check all the upcoming events/announcements from the school much in advance with a single, consolidated ‘Calendar’ feature showing all school events.


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